Come and "See"

This group is led by Pastor Joe and meets on Monday nights at 4:30pm PST. Our focus is to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. We ascend in the Spirit and see what The Father is doing, we then declare what we see over the earth. We have students from North Carolina, South Carolina, Oregan, Idaho and from differnt parts of Southern California. All are welcome, contact us at

Spirit School

Ancient Mystics Arise

This group is dedicated to ascending into the heavenly realm to bring YHVH's desires into reality by calling it down to earth from heaven. By operating in dual realms we are able to bring the Kingdom to earth. We will be meeting via Zoom at 7pm PST every Tuesday. To join this group contact us at

This group is led by Pastor Joe every Wed night at 6:30 pm. We currently do not have a live feed set up, but will in the future. If you'd like to join us in person, please contact us at

We use Zoom Video Conferencing. Please download the app or go to to download.

A $20 donation is suggested for each class. You can click on the donate button or the PayPal button below.

“...Every week I look forward to meeting with this awesome group of people!  I have grown so much in my relationship with God and have learned how to exercise my spiritual authority to make a visible difference in my life and in our world.  It never ceases to amaze me how God uses each of us to bring a piece of His vision in a combining effort.  All the pieces fall in place to bring us the bigger picture of what He is going on earth through us, His sons and daughters!  Through this group, I’ve learned the importance and effectiveness of praying in community.   Even though I’ve only been with this group for a few months, I feel like they are family to me.  God shows the many facets of Himself through each of our personalities.  I am always inspired, uplifted, and feel like I’ve advanced the kingdom of heaven here on earth every time we’re done!”

- Rose B.

“...My name is Jamie Batte and I come from a very conservative Christian background. When I was first introduced to this “new” way of experiencing God I was extremely skeptical. But the Holy Spirit started showing me scripture to confirm what Pastor Joe was showing me. So as I explored it more and more and Pastor Joe continued to work with me, I begin to see things and experience things I’ve never seen or experienced before. I still can’t see as clearly in the spirit as I do face to face, but the Holy Spirit is continuing to show me more everyday and I see better the more I practice. I’ll never go back to the old ways of doing church nor to the old ways of having a relationship with Jesus and the Father.”

- Jaime B.

Southern California Ekklesia